Tobacco Flavor e-Liquids

5ive 5ifty 5ive

Stylish Vapor offers 5ive 5ifty 5ive eLiquid flavor.

This robust tobacco blend boasts a rich earthy flavor with subtle cocoa undertones.


Stylish Vapor offers Bluebacco eLiquid flavor.

Fresh blueberries accompany crisp, sweet tobacco notes, combining to create this delightfully unconventional tobacco blend.


Stylish Vapor offers Chaibacco eLiquid flavor.

A collection of sweet chai spices pair up with bold, fragrant tobacco notes in this blend, resulting in a complex creation that satisfies on all fronts.


Stylish Vapor offers Clovebacco eLiquid flavor.

Clovebacco (Kretek) is a dark, fragrant blend combining bold tobacco flavor with the aromatic subtlety of clove spices for a uniquely refined experience.


Stylish Vapor offers Coolbacco eLiquid flavor.

This robust American blend is complemented by notes of refreshingly cool menthol, allowing for a genuine, full flavored menthol tobacco experience.


Stylish Vapor offers Cubano eLiquid flavor.

With a robust Cuban tobacco taste reminiscent of cigars sought out around the world, this hearty blend will undoubtedly leave you with an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Honey Black Tobac

Stylish Vapor offers Possum Trot Flying Monkey eLiquid flavor.

Fresh honey lends this blend a unique sweetness that stands in contrast to an inherently rich tobacco blend. For those wanting a defiantly different take on your run of the mill tobacco, look no further.

Pure Menthol

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Menthol eLiquid flavor.

Purely menthol. Refreshingly cool with a smooth, sweet finish.

Pure Menthol Extreme

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Menthol Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Purely ice cold menthol. A rush of arctic air, carrying a sweet, smooth finish.


Stylish Vapor offers PureY4 eLiquid flavor.

This crisp tobacco blend rests atop a bed of light, creamy caramel, complemented by a faint hint of bright vanilla. A well rounded choice for those looking to shake up traditional tobacco notions.

Rugged Light Tobacco

Stylish Vapor offers Rugged Light Tobacco eLiquid flavor.

A lighter take on an American Classic. This rendition provides a robust, full flavored American tobacco, toned down to suit those who enjoy the lighter side of tobacco blends.

Rugged Tobacco

Stylish Vapor offers Rugged Tobacco eLiquid flavor.

An American Classic. This bold tobacco blend combines a robust, full flavored American tobacco suitable for all tobacco connoisseurs.

Sweet Cigar

Stylish Vapor offers Sweet Cigar eLiquid flavor.

A robust, earthy tobacco blend, accented by a tinge of sweet subtlety, culminates to provide a strikingly smooth experience.

Turkish Tobacco

Stylish Vapor offers Turkish Tobacco eLiquid flavor.

This exotic tobacco blend carries a rich smoothness, underlined by mellow, earthy notes; lending itself a complex, full flavored experience.