Sweet Flavor e-Liquids

Sweet Flavor e-liquids remind you of your favorite sweet like apple sours, peanut butter cups, chocolate mint and wintergreen gum. Available now at Stylish Vapor.

5ive 5ifty 5ive

Stylish Vapor offers 5ive 5ifty 5ive eLiquid flavor.

This robust tobacco blend boasts a rich earthy flavor with subtle cocoa undertones.

Apple Rancher

Stylish Vapor offers Apple Rancher eLiquid flavor.

Pucker up with this sweet and sour candy combination.

Big League Vape

Stylish Vapor offers Big League Vape eLiquid flavor.

Step up to the plate with this classic bubblegum flavor. This blend is sure to knock your taste buds out of the park.

Butter Rum

Stylish Vapor offers Butter Rum eLiquid flavor.

Smooth and rich rum, complemented by sweet and creamy butter, comes together to form a one of a kind beverage blend that will send your taste buds spinning.

Choc De Menth

Stylish Vapor offers Choc De Menth eLiquid flavor.

Rich, decadent chocolate, delicately blended with crisp mint and velvety cream, resulting in an indulgent experience from start to finish.

Chocobutter Cup

Stylish Vapor offers Chocobutter Cup eLiquid flavor.

With creamy peanut butter encased by luscious milk chocolate, this mouth watering dessert blend has proven itself a union meant to be.

Cinema Popcorn

Stylish Vapor offers Cinema Popcorn eLiquid flavor.

Dig into this buttered treat without the hassle of napkins or overpriced containers! This crisp flavor is juxtaposed by rich buttered layers, culminating in a delicious novelty that really “pops!”

Juicy Chew

Stylish Vapor offers Juicy Chew eLiquid flavor.

This invigorating blend takes the concept of stick gum and puts a familiar spin on it. With a myriad of fruits as juicy as these, you may find yourself “chewing” on this flavor for some time to come.

Peppermint Stick

Stylish Vapor offers Peppermint Stick eLiquid flavor.

This confectionery blend combines a candied sweetness, and refreshing chill to achieve a holiday inspired flavor sure to satisfy.

Pure Mint

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Mint eLiquid flavor.

Purely mint. Coolly refreshing mint, complemented by a satisfying candied sweetness.

Pure Wintergreen

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Wintergreen eLiquid flavor.

Purely wintergreen. Refreshingly cool, with a texture reminiscent of everybody’s favorite stick gum.

Rootbeer Barrel

Stylish Vapor offers Rootbeer Barrel eLiquid flavor.

Rich and smooth, this creation boasts subtle undertones of caramel, and vanilla, complemented by that bold sarsaparilla flavor you’ve come to expect from this popular beverage blend.

Sweet Cinnamon

Stylish Vapor offers Sweet Cinnamon eLiquid flavor.

Candied sweetness, interlaced with cinnamon spice, results in an irresistible confectionery blend catered to any sweet tooth.

Yummy Gummy

Stylish Vapor offers Yummy Gummy eLiquid flavor.

With a rush of mouthwatering sweetness, and pleasantly sour undertones, this blend offers everything that a handful of your favorite candy would, without the hassle of chewing.