Fruit Flavor e-Liquids

We have a huge variety of your favorite fruit flavor e-liquids. Come see what we have at Stylish Vapor in New Braunfels, TX. We have apple, orange, lemon, cherry and strawberry just to name a few. Our talented staff can advise and guide you to the right fruit flavor just for you.

Apple Rancher

Stylish Vapor offers Apple Rancher eLiquid flavor.

Pucker up with this sweet and sour candy combination.

Arctic Orange

Stylish Vapor offers Arctic Orange eLiquid flavor.

With an ice cold inhale and crisp orange exhale, this chillingly refreshing blend is sure to please.

Arctic Strawberry

Stylish Vapor offers Arctic Strawberry eLiquid flavor.

Ice cold menthol precedes rich, sweet strawberry in this bone chillingly delicious blend.

Bananaberry Smoothie

Stylish Vapor offers Bananaberry Smoothie eLiquid flavor.

Crisp strawberries and ripe bananas combine with cream to create an unforgettably delectable smoothie blend.

Berries & Cream

Stylish Vapor offers Berries & Cream eLiquid flavor.

Crisp blueberries, plump strawberries, and tart raspberries combine with cream to create this irresistibly delicious blend.


Stylish Vapor offers Bluebacco eLiquid flavor.

Fresh blueberries accompany crisp, sweet tobacco notes, combining to create this delightfully unconventional tobacco blend.

Blueberry Delight

Stylish Vapor offers Blueberry Delight eLiquid flavor.

With a fresh from the oven taste, this blueberry bakery blend is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Hillbilly Punch

Stylish Vapor offers Hillbilly Punch eLiquid flavor.

Lemon, lime, and citrus combine to form this thirst quenching beverage blend that is as crisp as a drop of dew from the top of a snow capped mountain. Rest assured, this flavor has some “pop” to it.

Pure Honeydew

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Honeydew eLiquid flavor.

Purely honeydew. Light and crisp, with satisfyingly sweet undertones.

Juicy Chew

Stylish Vapor offers Juicy Chew eLiquid flavor.

This invigorating blend takes the concept of stick gum and puts a familiar spin on it. With a myriad of fruits as juicy as these, you may find yourself “chewing” on this flavor for some time to come.

Key Lime Pie

Stylish Vapor offers Key Lime Pie eLiquid flavor.

Sweet and tart intermingle atop a golden browned pie crust in this unmistakably decadent bakery blend.


Stylish Vapor offers Kiwiberry eLiquid flavor.

Plump strawberries combine with succulent kiwis in this delightfully crisp blend that is sure to satiate even the pickiest sweet tooth.

Layered Lemon Cake

Stylish Vapor offers Layered Lemon Cake eLiquid flavor.

Taking a slice out of this blend reveals luscious layers of rich cream nestled between tiers of crisp, tart citrus notes.

Melon Ball

Stylish Vapor offers Melon Ball eLiquid flavor.

This fruit medley has been hand picked and blended with the utmost care. With crisp cantaloupe, sumptuous honeydew, and sweet watermelon, this ball of nirvana is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Pina Colada

Stylish Vapor offers Pina Colada eLiquid flavor.

Kick your feet up and enjoy this refreshing beverage blend. With tangy, crisp pineapple, and rich, creamy coconut, this blend is sure to whisk your taste buds off to the tropics.

Pure Apricot

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Apricot eLiquid flavor.

Purely apricot, crisp and sweet.

Pure Banana

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Banana eLiquid flavor.

Purely banana, ripened to bring out its naturally rich flavor.

Pure Black Cherry

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Black Cherry eLiquid flavor.

Purely Black Cherry. Vibrantly tart, with a subtle sweetness.

Pure Blueberry

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Blueberry eLiquid flavor.

Purely blueberry, succulent and sweet.

Pure Cherry

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Cherry eLiquid flavor.

Purely Cherry, with a lusciously tart texture, and sharp sweetness.

Pure Citron

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Citron eLiquid flavor.

Purely Citrus. Brightly sweet orange offset by a slightly sour lemon-lime blend.

Pure Dragonfruit

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Dragonfruit eLiquid flavor.

Purely dragonfruit, with a delicately complex flavor underlined by a mild sweetness.

Pure Energy

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Energy eLiquid flavor.

Purely energy. This invigorating blend combines a fizzling sweetness with a bitter zing; sure to put some pep in your step any time of day.

Pure Kiwi

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Kiwi eLiquid flavor.

Purely kiwi, ripened to perfection to bring out its naturally vibrant sweetness.

Pure Lemon Lime

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Lemon Lime eLiquid flavor.

Purely lemon and lime. Bright lemon zest married perfectly with pleasantly bitter lime.

Pure Orange

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Orange eLiquid flavor.

Purely Orange. Hand picked to provide you a vibrantly tangy, fresh from the grove taste.

Pure Peach

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Peach eLiquid flavor.

Purely peach. Luscious, and dripping with flavor.

Pure Pear

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Pear eLiquid flavor.

Purely pear. Ripened to perfection, this blend retains a uniquely crisp hand picked taste that remains unmatched.

Pure Pomegranate

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Pomegranate eLiquid flavor.

Purely pomegranate. Complex and bursting with flavor, with underlying bittersweet notes.

Pure Raspberry

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Raspberry eLiquid flavor.

Purely raspberry. Succulent, with sweet and tart notes culminating to provide this hand picked flavor.

Pure Strawberry

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Strawberry eLiquid flavor.

Purely Strawberry. Plump, succulent strawberries reveal a luscious sweetness that is second to none.

Raspberry Limeade

Stylish Vapor offers Raspberry Limeade eLiquid flavor.

Cool off with this refreshing beverage blend. With tart raspberries carried in on a wave of crisp lime undertones, this one of a kind flavor is sure to quench any thirst.

Strawberry Shortcake

Stylish Vapor offers Strawberry Shortcake eLiquid flavor.

Crisp, succulent strawberries blended with rich cream, gently laid atop a bed of a feathery shortcake. This Bakery blend makes for the perfect dessert; any time of day.

Tropical Blend

Stylish Vapor offers Tropical Blend Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Imported from exotic locales across the globe, this blend combines the most delectably scrumptious island fruits into an unbelievably delicious experience.

Yummy Gummy

Stylish Vapor offers Yummy Gummy eLiquid flavor.

With a rush of mouthwatering sweetness, and pleasantly sour undertones, this blend offers everything that a handful of your favorite candy would, without the hassle of chewing.