Drink Flavor e-Liquids

Our drink flavor e-liquids go down like your favorite refreshing fruit smoothie, cola or raspberry limeade. Come try all our flavors today at Stylish Vapor in New Braunfels, TX.

Bananaberry Smoothie

Stylish Vapor offers Bananaberry Smoothie eLiquid flavor.

Crisp strawberries and ripe bananas combine with cream to create an unforgettably delectable smoothie blend.

Breakfast Blend

Stylish Vapor offers Breakfast Blend eLiquid flavor.

Get a great start to your day with this tantalizing Cup of Joe. Robust Columbian coffee beans complemented by smooth, rich cream come together to give this morning favorite a delectably layered experience.

Butter Rum

Stylish Vapor offers Butter Rum eLiquid flavor.

Smooth and rich rum, complemented by sweet and creamy butter, comes together to form a one of a kind beverage blend that will send your taste buds spinning.

Chai Latte

Stylish Vapor offers Chai Latte eLiquid flavor.

A whirlwind of spices culminate in this familiar beverage blend, treating your palate to a creamy, sweet refreshment with a bold exhale of cinnamon and cardamom.


Stylish Vapor offers Chaibacco eLiquid flavor.

A collection of sweet chai spices pair up with bold, fragrant tobacco notes in this blend, resulting in a complex creation that satisfies on all fronts.

Cinema Popcorn

Stylish Vapor offers Cinema Popcorn eLiquid flavor.

Dig into this buttered treat without the hassle of napkins or overpriced containers! This crisp flavor is juxtaposed by rich buttered layers, culminating in a delicious novelty that really “pops!”

Hillbilly Punch

Stylish Vapor offers Hillbilly Punch eLiquid flavor.

Lemon, lime, and citrus combine to form this thirst quenching beverage blend that is as crisp as a drop of dew from the top of a snow capped mountain. Rest assured, this flavor has some “pop” to it.

Pina Colada

Stylish Vapor offers Pina Colada eLiquid flavor.

Kick your feet up and enjoy this refreshing beverage blend. With tangy, crisp pineapple, and rich, creamy coconut, this blend is sure to whisk your taste buds off to the tropics.

Pure Chai

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Chai eLiquid flavor.

Purely Chai. Cinnamon, cardemom, and cloves culminate in delicious harmony.

Pure Energy

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Energy eLiquid flavor.

Purely energy. This invigorating blend combines a fizzling sweetness with a bitter zing; sure to put some pep in your step any time of day.

Pure Lemon Lime

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Lemon Lime eLiquid flavor.

Purely lemon and lime. Bright lemon zest married perfectly with pleasantly bitter lime.

Raspberry Limeade

Stylish Vapor offers Raspberry Limeade eLiquid flavor.

Cool off with this refreshing beverage blend. With tart raspberries carried in on a wave of crisp lime undertones, this one of a kind flavor is sure to quench any thirst.

Rootbeer Barrel

Stylish Vapor offers Rootbeer Barrel eLiquid flavor.

Rich and smooth, this creation boasts subtle undertones of caramel, and vanilla, complemented by that bold sarsaparilla flavor you’ve come to expect from this popular beverage blend.

Royal Cola

Stylish Vapor offers Royal Cola eLiquid flavor.

Our take on a popular carbonated drink. With dark, sweet, caramel notes, this refreshingly smooth mixture will quench the thirst of any who pop the tab on this beverage blend.

Tropical Blend

Stylish Vapor offers Tropical Blend Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Imported from exotic locales across the globe, this blend combines the most delectably scrumptious island fruits into an unbelievably delicious experience.

Vanilla Custard

Stylish Vapor offers Vanilla Custard eLiquid flavor.

Rich vanilla pairs with creamy custard to create a tantalizing dessert blend that is sure to please dessert lovers everywhere.