Chilling Flavor e-Liquids

Chilling Flavor e-liquids give you the refreshing icy cold tastes of mint, menthol or cool fruit. They are particularly popular in the long hot summer months of Texas. Chilling Flavor e-liquids are available now at Stylish Vapor.

Arctic Orange

Stylish Vapor offers Arctic Orange eLiquid flavor.

With an ice cold inhale and crisp orange exhale, this chillingly refreshing blend is sure to please.

Arctic Strawberry

Stylish Vapor offers Arctic Strawberry eLiquid flavor.

Ice cold menthol precedes rich, sweet strawberry in this bone chillingly delicious blend.

Choc De Menth

Stylish Vapor offers Choc De Menth eLiquid flavor.

Rich, decadent chocolate, delicately blended with crisp mint and velvety cream, resulting in an indulgent experience from start to finish.

Cinnamenthol Extreme

Stylish Vapor offers Cinnamenthol Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Bold cinnamon spice carried on a wave of ice cold menthol offers a refreshingly bold experience; the best of both worlds in a single breath.


Stylish Vapor offers Coolbacco eLiquid flavor.

This robust American blend is complemented by notes of refreshingly cool menthol, allowing for a genuine, full flavored menthol tobacco experience.

Pure Menthol

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Menthol eLiquid flavor.

Purely menthol. Refreshingly cool with a smooth, sweet finish.

Pure Menthol Extreme

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Menthol Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Purely ice cold menthol. A rush of arctic air, carrying a sweet, smooth finish.

Pure Mint

Stylish Vapor offers chilling Pure Mint eLiquid flavor.

Purely mint. Coolly refreshing mint, complemented by a satisfying candied sweetness.

Pure Wintergreen

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Wintergreen eLiquid flavor.

Purely wintergreen. Refreshingly cool, with a texture reminiscent of everybody’s favorite stick gum.