Bakery Flavor e-Liquids

Bakery Flavor e-Liquids will make you think of the fresh aromas of your favorite muffins, cakes and cinnamon rolls from your kitchen. Stylish Vapor carries all the best flavors. Come see us in New Braunfels.

Banana Nut Muffin

Stylish Vapor offers Banana Nut Muffin eLiquid flavor.

Combining all three ingredients in perfect harmony, this scrumptious bakery blend is sure to be your new favorite dessert.

Blaine’s Blend

Stylish Vapor offers Blaines Blend eLiquid flavor.

Years in the making, our mixologist’s top secret bakery blend has been released from the vault to intrigue the taste buds of those around the world.

Blueberry Delight

Stylish Vapor offers Blueberry Delight eLiquid flavor.

With a fresh from the oven taste, this blueberry bakery blend is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Bunches O Crunches

Stylish Vapor offers Bunches O Crunches eLiquid flavor.

This crisp, savory bakery blend provides you with everything you’ve grown to love about your favorite breakfast cereal. Mouth lacerations not included.


Stylish Vapor offers Chaibacco eLiquid flavor.

A collection of sweet chai spices pair up with bold, fragrant tobacco notes in this blend, resulting in a complex creation that satisfies on all fronts.

Cinnamenthol Extreme

Stylish Vapor offers Cinnamenthol Extreme eLiquid flavor.

Bold cinnamon spice carried on a wave of ice cold menthol offers a refreshingly bold experience; the best of both worlds in a single breath.


Stylish Vapor offers Cinnaroll eLiquid flavor.

Take a bite out of this scrumptious bakery blend to find yourself peeling back flaky layers of buttered dough infused with cinnamon spice and coated with a silky cream cheese icing. Sure to warm the heart of any dessert aficionado.


Stylish Vapor offers Clovebacco eLiquid flavor.

Clovebacco (Kretek) is a dark, fragrant blend combining bold tobacco flavor with the aromatic subtlety of clove spices for a uniquely refined experience.

Key Lime Pie

Stylish Vapor offers Key Lime Pie eLiquid flavor.

Sweet and tart intermingle atop a golden browned pie crust in this unmistakably decadent bakery blend.

Layered Lemon Cake

Stylish Vapor offers Layered Lemon Cake eLiquid flavor.

Taking a slice out of this blend reveals luscious layers of rich cream nestled between tiers of crisp, tart citrus notes.

Pure Chai

Stylish Vapor offers Pure Chai eLiquid flavor.

Purely Chai. Cinnamon, cardemom, and cloves culminate in delicious harmony.


Stylish Vapor offers PureY4 eLiquid flavor.

This crisp tobacco blend rests atop a bed of light, creamy caramel, complemented by a faint hint of bright vanilla. A well rounded choice for those looking to shake up traditional tobacco notions.

Strawberry Shortcake

Stylish Vapor offers Strawberry Shortcake eLiquid flavor.

Crisp, succulent strawberries blended with rich cream, gently laid atop a bed of a feathery shortcake. This Bakery blend makes for the perfect dessert; any time of day.

Sweet Cinnamon

Stylish Vapor offers Sweet Cinnamon eLiquid flavor.

Candied sweetness, interlaced with cinnamon spice, results in an irresistible confectionery blend catered to any sweet tooth.

Vanilla Custard

Stylish Vapor offers Vanilla Custard eLiquid flavor.

Rich vanilla pairs with creamy custard to create a tantalizing dessert blend that is sure to please dessert lovers everywhere.